Just checking in from Arkansas

Seattle, by train.

On the cho-cho to Portland.

Vancouver has been wonderful. Only problem with this trip is that I arrived in the dark, and will depart in the dark.

Working from the airport and decided I finally need to get the “location” of my microposts to appear. What do you think?

This location thing really works!

Using voice commands while on the road and testing my daughter’s fine work and posting to this blog.

The power is still out here, has been for more than an hour now. However, I am not going to let that stop me from posting this!

Taking a short break to sit by the fire and make s’mores. #familynight

Nice work Mackenzie! You're hired! This micro-post is being composed using Shortcuts.

Posting from my iPhone while camped at Squaw Creek in Marion.

Trying to take Travis CI for a spin to auto-update this blog for me. 😀

Just a quick note/reminder… look at improving this blog workflow using Travis CI per this documentation and this post. Also, check out this iOS app.

Really just testing out this blog’s externalurl feature here. Click on the --> at the head of this post to see my “professional” post about building Grocy in Docker and Docksal.

Please don’t judge too harshly, this is a (perpetual?) work-in-progress!

Travel...MSP to CDG to OSL to KKN

This post is really part of my Norway photo blog which you can find elsewhere on this site. Note that the photos here are in reverse-chronological order with the exception of one “lead” post that lays out our itinerary. So, read on…

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