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Travel...MSP to CDG to OSL to KKN

This was a very long day in the air, and then we discovered the "midnight sun"!

This post is really part of my Norway photo blog which you can find elsewhere on this site. Note that the photos here are in reverse-chronological order with the exception of one “lead” post that lays out our itinerary. So, read on…

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From June 11th through the 23rd, we (that’s me, Chris, her brother Mark, sister Deb, and Deb’s husband, Doug) traveled to Norway. Our rough itinerary was:

My Photos Workflow

I recently returned from vacation in Norway with a few hundred photos and a handful of videos, taken mostly using my iPhone 8. I find that the Apple Photos app does a pretty nice job of cataloging photos and videos into Moments. Each Moment includes all the images taken in a single day, and sometimes in a particular location, if photos are taken on the same day, but a great distance apart.

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